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Other aspects of aluminum veneers

1, lightning protection characteristics

This problem has been debated for a long time, people have always thought that the aluminum veneer is pure aluminum, and the conductivity is better. The results show that in the case of instantaneous impact during lightning strikes, the curtain wall connection method, whether it is aluminum composite panel or aluminum veneer, can completely prevent lightning strike; in the case of continuous current of lightning strike, lightning strike on metal plate or metal surface layer It is prone to melting. Because of the good insulation of the intermediate polyethylene core layer, the damage of the lightning strike is limited to the skin. From this perspective, the aluminum-plastic composite board has better lightning strike resistance than the aluminum single board.

2, fire characteristics

Aluminum veneers are not burning, which is known to everyone. Early aluminum-plastic composite panels were not able to be fireproof. However, with the advancement of aluminum-plastic composite panel technology, the fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panels produced by the company have been greatly improved in terms of fire resistance by adding non-toxic flame retardant materials to their PE. The need for engineering fire protection.

3, residual value

Aluminum veneers have a certain residual value, but because of their high cost, the waste is much larger than that of aluminum-plastic composite panels with almost no residual value.

In summary, the aluminum veneer and the aluminum-plastic composite panel have their own advantages, but from a large perspective, the application of aluminum-plastic composite panels should be more affordable and environmentally friendly.