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Aluminum veneer installation method

1. Install the corners according to the same level.

2, according to different requirements have different skeletons, such as: L50 * 50 * 5mm angle steel fixed, embedded parts aluminum pendants, etc., according to different products have different fixing methods.

3. The hanging piece pre-installed on the keel of the gusset plate, together with the keel keel close to the light steel keel, is buckled under the light steel keel in the vertical direction. The spacing of the keel keel is determined according to the size of the plate type, and must be adjusted after the installation. To the level.

4. Buckle the gussets on the keel. After each buckle, press the reverse lock piece and connect the keel with the connecting piece.

5, the board must be installed with gloves, if you accidentally leave fingerprints or stains, can be washed and dried with detergent.